Prince Bravery and Grace Bedwetting Info Website!
Can Bravery and Grace beat the
dreaded Wet Knights?

Fun-loving, athletic Prince Bravery and his spirited,
golden dragon, Grace experience highflying
adventure as they grow up in their colorful castle in
the enchanted Kingdom of Childhood.  The Prince
learns to trust Grace as they practice to make the
Royal Joustball team.   Life appears to be carefree
for the Prince…  However, the dastardly Wet
Knights creep in and cause havoc as they silently
attack each night.

Cheer for the Prince and his dragon as you read the
royal adventure,
Prince Bravery and Grace
–Attack of the Wet Knights.

Millions of children wet the bed every night.  Finally,
they have a hero, Prince Bravery, who struggles with
and defeats the “Wet Knights.”
This book is written by a mom, who lived through the
challenges of night time bedwetting.  As a mom, I
understand the constant frustration both you and
your child are going through.  
Do not struggle with another wet night- Your child will
laugh and cheer for Bravery and his golden dragon,
Grace, and receive the motivation to defeat the “Wet
Knights!" Please support one Mom's mission to end
the stigma of bedwetting by ordering via my
Wishing you the Bravery and Grace to defeat your
"Wet Knights" once and for all! ~Gail A. Gross
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Unsolicited Recommendation:       
Wish we had done this years ago
By Mary of three/ Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Pros:Explains the pro
cess, Funny,
Motivates the child
Best Uses:As a bed time story, When
you have an alarm
Bottom Line: I would recommend this
to a friend
Comments about Prince Bravery &
Grace: Attack of the Wet Knights:
We bought the book with an alarm and
read it right away. I read it to all three
(bed-wetting) kids (9, 7 & 4) and they
understood and appreciated the
sensitivity and humor. The story sets
an example of how parents can be
patient and caring while supporting
their child.

   Is nightly bedwetting
beginning to chip away at
your child's self esteem?  
Endless wet sheets,
blankets and pajamas
weighing you down?  
Maybe it is time to try a
doctor recommended
bedwetting alarm.  
   Just like Prince Bravery,
kids get tired of waiting to
outgrow the struggle of
bedwetting.  When a child
gets to the point where he
or she is often frustrated
by wet nights, it is
time to try a
Prince Bravery and Grace
help make the process
much more kid-friendly!  
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