As a mom who helped her child stop bedwetting, my heart goes out to children and
families struggling with this issue.  After 8 years of dealing with nightly bedwetting,
finally, I went on the internet and researched bedwetting alarms.  I talked with my son
about them and told him to let me know if he wanted to try the alarm.  About a month after
I mentioned them, he asked if he could give it a try.  I told him if I spent the money for the
alarm, he would have to promise to use it every night.  I bought one that vibrated as well
as sent out an alarm.  It clipped on the underwear in the spot most likely to get wet first.  
A wire runs along to a small unit that pinned to the shoulder of his pajamas.  When the
clip gets wet it sets off the unit which vibrates and sounds an alarm.  The first week my
son slept right through the alarm.  I’d wake him, take him to the bathroom and take off the
alarm.  He had to try to finish peeing in the toilet and change his wet clothes.  I would
help him put the monitor back on.  I’d purchased several waterproof mattress pads, so
we took off the wet one and replaced it with a dry one.  Then he would climb in and go
back to sleep.  
    A few nights in the beginning the alarm went off more than once through the night.   
During the first week he was wet 5 days and dry 2 days.  The second was a little better.  
The third week he was wet 5 days again and began fighting me about wearing the alarm.  I
calmly reminded him he promised to wear it.  Over and over, I said, “I know it is
frustrating, but you promised.”  Or “You wish you would just learn to stay dry without
wearing the alarm, but it's the only way to train your brain while you are sleeping.”  I was
really careful to stay upbeat and positive, praising him for just wearing the alarm. He
earned extra bedtime book reading when he cooperated willingly with the process. We
made sure to fill out the progress report each morning, so he could see how he was
     When he would have a wet night and feel like giving up, I would remind him that
learning something new takes time.  Then I would compare it to learning to ride his bike.  
How hard it was at first.  Then when he got a bit better, he would still often fall.  But he
didn’t give up, he kept trying and trying until he learned to keep his balance and now he
never falls. The forth week, we had 4 dry nights in a row!
    He wore the alarm every single night for ten weeks.  At the end of week 10, he had 14
dry nights in a row! The joy on his face when he realized he had overcome the
bedwetting is one of my favorite mom memories.  We kept the alarm by his bedside in
case of a relapse.  In the next six months, that only happened twice.  I often wonder if he
would still be wetting the bed if we hadn’t tried the alarm.  Our journey to end bedwetting
was years ago, but I still remember the helplessness and frustration I felt in trying to help
my child.  So my goal is to end some of the stress for parents and provide comfort,
reassurance and a few laughs for children struggling with nightly bedwetting.
   Purchase my children's book for your child. Read it together. Prince Bravery and Grace
– Attack of the Wet Knights is the story of a young prince who struggles with “the Wet
Knights” and eventually defeats them by using an alarm. My book is full of dragons and
knights and it provides a light hearted look at the challenges of defeating “the Wet
Knights.” It explains the process of ending bedwetting in a fun, child-friendly way.  
   You may contact me via my website, Or visit my
webstore to order exactly the items I used to finally help my child stop bedwetting
I look forward to receiving your questions and success stories.  Please let me know if my
book and website have helped you.
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