About the Author
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Wet Knights - With

About the Author
Gail Gross’ mission is to ease the burden on
children dealing with the challenges of nightly
bedwetting. As a mom who has dealt with the
difficulties faced by a child who wets the bed,
she felt a call to help all children and their
parents overcome the stigma of bedwetting. Gail
has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and has
extensively researched the medical literature
concerning enuresis, or bedwetting.  Many years
ago, she struggled to find answers to help her
child.  Eventually, she learned of the bedwetting
alarms and within two months of treatment, her
child was dry at night.  She created the
characters of Prince Bravery and Grace to
empower children to understand, and hopefully
overcome the dreaded “wet knights”.
She lives with her husband, three sons and
golden retriever, Grace, in Wexford,
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