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May you be blessed with Bravery, and most of all,
Grace, as you read my book.  My prayers are with
you as you undertake the challenge of defeating
the "Wet Knights" once and for all.

    -Gail Ann Gross

  • Prince Bravery and Grace – Attack of the Wet Knights mesmerized my 2nd grade
    child. It captured her imagination and helped her to feel empowered to end
    bedwetting! - Mary, mom of two

  • Prince Bravery and Grace presents factual information in a fun-to-read fictional
    format.  The frustrations that accompany bedwetting, along with realistic
    solutions, are realized by Prince Bravery’s family. A great companion when using
    a bedwetting alarm. I highly recommend this reassuring story for any school-aged
    child with bedwetting. -Renee Mercer, MSN, CPNP, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner,

  • My child loved this book!  It's fun and clever and helped make using an alarm
    less work.  He went from wet every night to staying dry all night in just over 2
    months!!!  The book and alarm are the best decision i ever made.  -thankful mom

Prince Bravery and Grace - Attack of
the Wet Knights
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